Sunday, March 1, 2009

Do I trust the Libs?

Funny how a Demokrat can say Republicans “have never been for the people or for the country,” when it was due to the work of mainly the Republican Party that ended slavery and brought in Civil Rights as Southern Demokrats fought it tooth and nail.

How is it Republicans that push for control when it is the Demokrats that want to censor and deny free speech to Republicans? It is all about control!

While posters on the Demokratik Underground Message Board are of no doubt the fringe far left, the Demokrat Party listens to them and other lunatic leftist sites. The loons have a say in our country and cry they are oppressed, when by their own words they wish to oppress others. And jut take a look at some of the blogs by the Demokrats that post right here on this blog. These blogs are FULL of hatred posts and pictures of republicans, ah, but that’s fine, just don’t do the same to them because if you do then YOU are the loony tune, then YOU are the “troll”
This is the state of our country today after the well-planned and orchestrated Dictatorial Socialist Demokratik Politburo seizure of the country by demonizing and targeting Republicans with such hate filled rhetoric since they lost power in 1994. Spineless Republicans sat back and made excuses and even joined in at times, trying to out liberal these liberals instead of standing up for America.
This is what we have come to. We (the conservatives) have bent over backwards so much and so often to gain the approval of these loons that we now feel guilty when they complain about it. But it’s the so-called “tolerant left” and the “compassionate left” that are the most intolerant of all people today and must be exposed and opposed every step of the way. So don’t fall into their trap. They don’t have any love for us. Although they may post these love notes to you, they still stab you in the back on their own blogs. Look at them, read them, if you don’t believe me.

After decades of pump priming by personalities like Bryant Gumbel and particularly Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton spewing racially divisive commentary, it is little wonder that the verbal and emotional assault on the morality of an entire race of people - specifically, white people - continues today with Attorney General Eric Holder calling us a nation of cowards, afraid to discuss race.

Could there be a reason for that fear?

Perhaps we could start with the efforts of one Al Sharpton heading a rally today outside the New York Post offices for a political cartoon automatically decried as "racist" because the monkey (the DEAD monkey, no less) was shot by police and now The Hill needs to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill.

Of course it is racist! It is also a death threat against Barack Obama! Why? Because the man is (half) black and you just don't associate blacks and monkeys in any way because.... well.... it's racist. Fine. I can deal with not associating black people and monkeys (it is disgusting, after all, and utterly demeaning); but I cannot deal with finding "racism" in every shadow, every corner, every nook and cranny and the manufactured outrage at perceived racism where none exists.

This is no more an attack on Barack Obama as a black man than it is a threat against his life. First of all, Barack did not write the "stimulus" bill - that would be the "monkey-see, monkey-do" idiocy of Pelosi, Reid, et al. He made the unfortunate error of "delegating" authorship of this atrocity to the morons running Congress. This cartoon makes "sideways" reference to how poorly masked was the stampede to rush it past the unsuspecting public that ultimately we will discover we would have been better off had it been written by a monkey. It is an absolute reference to Travis, the (drugged-up) monkey shot by police after mauling a lady earlier this week. Had this week's news carried headlines about a (drugged-up) dog mauling a lady, the picture would have depicted police shooting a mad dog, likely bearing the same caption (thanks to the mad-dog politics running rampant in the cesspool of Washington).

The most shameful and appalling aspect of this fiasco is having to face the fact that we will never be a "post-racial" society. There is a certain element that will never allow us to move to that point - and it starts with folks like Jesse and Al, indoctrinating people into thinking they must suffer a victimization complex - or they will never truly be African-American.
Rush was targeted by Obama- because he fears him, he know the truth about his agenda.
So he tried to discredit him. As did that other turncoat Michael Steel. But it didn't work.
Obama failed at that, just as his presidency fails.
Even the Kool Aid drinkers are wondering WTF?
Just look at how they attacked Sarah Palin, because they knew how much of a threat she would be in 2012, she became the target of some of the most hateful lies and vitriol thrown against any woman and her family I have seen in my life time. Even a total morons can see that Sarah Palin and her family were subjected to more vitriol than any other candidate. Is that typical lefty work? You betcha!
And it won’t stop with her. It has already started with Bobby Jindel.
I just pray that the left is unable to get all of their agenda pushed through in the next 2 years.
Yes- 2 years.
Because when these dems come up for re-election, they will be decimated- if ACORN isn't successful.
BHO and the Demokrats were elected on promises of “openness and transparency,” yet rushed this massive bill through before Senators and Representatives in the middle of the night when could not even read it or before it could even have a minimal amount of public scrutiny. And the Messiah told us all this threatening crap about “this is an enormously dangerous situation, we must pass it fast, and get this done as fast as possible or we will be in deep trouble. Scare-monkeying tactics. That economic disaster looms if Congress doesn’t pass his economic stimulus package fast. Then he took a long weekend trip[ with his wife for a dinner in Chicago. In short, HE LIED!
I’m beginning to wonder about some of us Americans who are buying that crap from the Liberal party I’m thinking that they are just brain-dead or koolaide drinkers. I don’t trust any of them. Obama has made it clear that he surrounds himself with crooks, cheats and Marxists.
Sadly, Demokrats were joined by three turncoat Republicans, Arlen Specter, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, all 3 of which should be purged from the Republican Party and handed over to the Socialist Demokrats who they side with all too often.
AND if Rahm Emanuel is put in charge of the census, we may as well all put our heads between our legs and kiss our a$$es goodbye.
Welcome to the United States of Amerika, Comrade!
They are all clueless, soulless, disgusting, radical and scary.