Saturday, February 28, 2009

Any Idiots in the house?

Any American who wants “change” and supports Barack Hussein Obama. I call an “idiot” for a reason. Just because you don’t realize you’re an idiot, doesn’t mean that you’re not one. Before you liberals start trying to tell us about Bush, save your breath as he is NOT running. Another fact that “idiots” can’t seem to comprehend. McCain isn’t perfect and Sarah Palin is only hated by “jealous liberal idiots” and not for her record of reform. Here is more on my definition.

* People who want a candidate who isn’t a Washington insider, yet will question their experience as in Sarah Palin who actually has more executive experience than Barack Obama, Joe Biden and John McCain combined. She also has more foreign policy experience than Barack Obama and HE is running for President! (Yes, just negotiating with Canada alone, beats Obama who has negotiated with ZERO countries.)= IDIOT

* Supporting a candidate who supports and represents a radical illegal organization that commits major voting fraud,” ACORN.” This cancels out knowledgeable voters and legitimate voters who obey the law and play by the rules. We have ACORN employees on video telling how they were ordered to register AND ENCOURAGE voters to vote democrat. But Barack Obama doesn’t care, as long as he says and does anything to get elected and drive us into disaster for America. = IDIOT

* Supporting a candidate who claims to represent “hope and change” yet requested over 900 million dollars in earmarks for radical associates and convicted felons. Yes, this makes you an idiot and it isn’t just an opinion. Supporting a candidate who voted against warnings on the housing market and took the 2nd highest amount of campaign contributions from the very same organizations that drove us into a recession makes you an idiot. Supporting a candidate whose economic advisor is Franklin Raines, the man who ran Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae into the ground while making 91 million dollars in 6 years, makes you an idiot.

* Supporting a candidate who attends one the most popular black liberation theology churches in America, makes you an idiot.(especially if you are white) Supporting a candidate that says he doesn’t want his daughters “punished” with kids, makes you an idiot. Supporting a candidate who constantly lies, flip flops on every issue,(depending who he is talking to) thinks there is 57 states in the United States, has sick views on abortion, votes present in senate (except for over 90 times when he was for tax increases) requested Marxist professors in college and won’t release his college transcripts, makes you an idiot.

* Supporting a candidate who says “A white mans need, runs a world in greed” makes you an idiot. Especially if you are a white man.

* Supporting a candidate who earmarked millions for his so-called non-profit hospital, giving his wife a six figure raise and turning away poor people with no insurance, while theorizing them with collection agencies, makes you an idiot.

* Voting for Barack Obama because you think he is charismatic, articulate, clean, handsome, fresh or because he is (half) black, makes you an idiot. Yes, it does.

* Supporting a candidate whose only experience is a community agitator (see “ACORN”) freshman senator who votes present because he can’t make a decision and jive talks his way through speeches with lies and no substance, makes you an idiot. If you knew your enemy you’d understand that Barrack is yours.
It’s terrifying just how much an idiot you are.
What the hell were Americans thinking when they elected Barack Hussein Obama? Did they really believe all that ’say anything to get elected’ bullshit? Are Obama supporters that stupid? Obviously they are! In this dumbed down society we live in, it is starting to show that 55 million idiots have made a huge mistake. Now we have Hillary Clinton as our secretary of state! So let’s see so far, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton, Barbara Boxer, John Kerry, Chris Dodd and a majority vote in the house and there are people out there in this country who actually believe we will not be 10 times worse off then we are now. That’s how many idiots we have in America. That’s why there is IdiotsForObama.Com. Most of these people should be in jail right now and these are the people who are responsible for our economic disaster. Lets not even get started with the Tax cheats etc.
I can go on forever about the worse presidential candidate in the history of America. But I you either got my point or you are an idiot.
An you lefties that are reading this, before you start to call ME names, look at your own blogs and tell me that you are so innocent of calling republicans and or conservatives names with your disgusting pictures and FILTHY name calling. I you want to do so, then do it but don't be a HYPOCRITE about it.


  1. So I guess that makes you an idiot because you certainly don't realize that you are one.

  2. What Toad said + the 62 Nobel Science and Medicine Nobel Prize winners that endorsed Obama (instead of the GOP). Hardly idiots..they just happened to disagree...

  3. I like your righteous anger. Sometimes I get that way when I'm blogging and often go away feeling cleansed and more in touch with my core beliefs.
    BB-Idaho -- Arguing from authority and ad populum and ignoring AR's reasoning does nothing to make you look less idiotic.